Every year we humans try to make a change for the better.  And what better time to do it as a New Year starts?  There are probably millions of people, right now, binging out on something they know is bad.  Swearing that tomorrow, that they will change and they'll no longer be taking, eating, smoking, wearing, or doing it!

Some of the most common resolutions are simply based on how we feel about ourselves.  What are some of our Bad Habits, what could we change to be a better person, how do I get over an addiction or get one that makes life better?  For each person it's a bit different.  A Student may want to get better grades and resolves to study more, maybe a parent wants to manage their time a bit better so they have more time for their spouse or children.  In the workplace, you may want a bigger office or more responsibility, or maybe even less stress.

If you've read this far, think about how a simple toy could be added to your arsenal of problem solving solutions.  Have you walked by a certain persons cubicle or office.  Maybe they have that extra something you wish you had.  They could be less stressed, have a bigger office, be more focused, or just seem to have it all together.  It can be boiled down to Balance.  When you have Balance in your life, everything flows and even emergencies seem to have a place.

As a child, most of our interpersonal skills are learned from how we're raised.  There's thousands of books on the subject and everyone can form their own opinion on how they were raised themselves.  No two paths are the same, yet there are many common themes to how we got to where we are.  Some themes are obvious, those who had access to higher learning and were nurtured along the way will have more opportunities throughout life.  Those without guidance, will only know what they can see and learn on their own.  This may result in anti-social behavior simply because life has shown them they can only depend upon themselves.

But if you're here and reading this, you've at least got to a level where you're probably looking for something to make your next year a bit better.  So I'm here to possibly get you thinking back to your childhood and what really made happy.  For a great many of you, it was Christmas morning.  Probably the only day of the year that you woke up earlier than your parents did!

Back then there were simpler choices.  When things were more easily classified.  And there was a less divided society than there is today.  If it's any indication, according to the amount of overweight, stressed, medicated, and confused children, "back then" wasn't that bad.  Well, we can revisit, but can never really go back.  So we'll try to take a look back at those few years where the only worry we had was possibly choosing between two really desired toys that we never received.

Oh how our life would be so much better if we had gotten a particular gift at a certain time.  Maybe that glove would have been enough for the Major League, or that set of cleats changed that tackle to a touchdown.  If I had ... my life would have been so much different!  And be truthful, if you have children, you may be pushing them down the same path you could have taken, but didn't.

But, we're talking about a New Year and new resolutions.  So here's a few items that you might consider adding to your list to improve your overall success in the next year.

The first thing you might consider is simply associating some of your resolutions with either an icon, idea, or symbol.  If you're religious, this might be borderline "have no other God's before me." but as the Catholic's pray to a symbolic Jesus on the Cross, I don't see the harm in looking at a meaningful toy and thinking happy thoughts.  How many of you have a picture of your significant other or children gracing your desk to remind you who you're really doing the work you do, for?

So in that spirit, here we go!  Keep in mind that most studies show that you need to do things for a specific amount of time for them to become habits.  Most say that it takes a little over two months.  So maybe you should start off the New Year and your New Resolutions by organizing them!  Some of these suggestions may not actually be "toys", but you'll probably still "play" with them!

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So after you get Organized, what tools (toys) can you identify that might make it a bit easier to accomplish your daily goals?  We touched on the water bottle above as both a way to motivate and hydrate you, two very good goals to have in the New Year.  So what else can you use to achieve your goals?  So let's think of some things that are small, can fit in a desk drawer, won't really make you too embarrassed to use and possibly gets you thinking, or at least occupied while you're busy.  Sometimes simply giving your hands something to do while you're on a conference call can help you focus better.  So here's a few items that both you and your children, if you have them, can use to while away the hours!

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Each and every person is different.  Some people think better standing up, walking around, closing their eyes, or looking at a picture.  If you find you get more focused by seeing something, then maybe look to toys that stimulate your eyes more than your hands.  Keep in mind that you shouldn't set off a light-show where it will bother your cubemates.  But if you're fortunate to have an office to yourself, maybe you could take a short break, close your blinds & door, and then let the lights fly!

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For some, and you know it's probably something you should work on, but hey, live and let live, right?  You simply like clutter.  Everyone says you're a mess, they ask how can you find anything, or are constantly telling you to straighten things up.  They don't understand that you thrive in the Chaos!  You can't understand how they live their OCD lives, where everything has to face a certain way, all fonts have to be a particular one, all paper needs to be stacked just so!  You'd go crazy if you had to live in their world!  So we know we probably can change each other, but as the messy one, we can tray to bring a little order to our world.  Let's start with what the "public" sees.  For that is how you will be judged.  And if your boss doesn't feel you're organized enough, that you can't even organize your desk, they won't have faith that you're organized enough for a promotion!  Granted, most of these items may already be available if your company provides them, but if not, it can't hurt to see if you can get reimbursed for buying business supplies.

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So these may not all be "toys", but your hands, eyes, and feet can play with a few.  Nothing gets hurt by being better organized, and if you think about it, simple organization can help you achieve many of your New Years resolutions.  So take a "time-out" to see if any of our recommendations can help you achieve your goals!  Best of Luck and happiness in the coming Year!